Privacy policy and personal information protection.

Through this instrument, Tribecycle Guide (“”) in consideration of the Federal personal information protection law (“The Law”) is responsible for the personal information on the address: Xpuhil #73 Cancún, Quintana Roo. México P.C 77509.

  1. Responsible:
  2. Gathered information: Any information referring the identity of the person with which the relationship or services provided takes place from either by printed or digital sources, like full name, address, mobile or phone number, email, social media account, taxation and others, all these in order to provide a better service and keep up with local and international taxation law requirements. 
  3. Personal data: It can be used to meet legal requirements, info verification as well as data bases related to and the related industry. Creating contracts or any other action taking place between the person and

Use of information.

The provided data will also be used to meet standards of the services provided, inform about changes, and keep track of the quality of these same services. Create databases with promotion purposes and share it with industry partners. By joining, the person agrees on the above, and allows the use of personal data.

Revoke of consent.

The consent of personal data usage can be revoked from at any time by the person by writing a formal letter at the contact format and to the e mail This action will take 7 days, the person’s personal data removed from database and membership revoked. 

Any modification of this document will be updated and will be available at:

The last update to this document was on 04/21/2020