This route is supposed to be a very friendly one in many levels. Mainly because of the welcoming nature of people in the region, but also because of its flat, mostly paved and easy roads. This makes this route more a Bike Touring expedition, and not so much a Bikepacking one. Yucatan is pretty much a huge flat limestone platform, most of it covered by a low jungle. The rides are, as we’ve heard, “not very scenic”. The magic, apparently happens when you stop by the many mayan villages, visit the ancient mayan ruins, dive into the crystal clear water sinkholes, or lay by the postcard like white sand beaches of its coasts. 

As we do with most of our routes at Tribecycle Guide, we are planning to do a Grand Route (about 32 days), made out of at least five Simple Routes (about 5 days each). Some of this Simple Routes might be connected by bus rides (Buses in the area can load your bike and are pretty much 1st class for a fair price). The average daily distance will probably be somewhere in the 65km/40 miles with a great deal of possibilities in terms of sightseeings and highlights.

We were initially planning to do this expedition around mid April, however because of the COVID-19 global contingency that you are all familiar with, we moved the dates to do it probably around mid September, hoping that by then everything goes back to normal.

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Wishing you the best rides and hoping to hear from you soon.

Fernando Cobos