As independent bike travelers, we can sometimes feel lonely in the process of planning and creating our adventures, and often we want to hear someone else’s experience about a specific route or region that we are about to explore ourselves. Tribecycle Guide is an international community of like minded bike travelers who are eager to share their knowledge and experiences in order to bring Bike Touring & Bikepacking closer to everyone in the search of it.

The Expedition: We plan and put together a route that we announce among our international cycling community, those who want to join can do it and pay directly the cost of it. We do not collect any money since we are not a travel agency or tour operator, and we do not profit from the people who join us.

The Film: As we do the expedition, we film it in order to create content that will reflect how exactly the expedition looks like, and that might inspire other cyclist to do it themselves.

The Guide: Once we’ve finished the expedition and shared the videos on our social media, we create a digital guide, which contains all the important information about that specific route (gpx maps, route alternatives, accommodation or camping options, route highlights, bike mechanic in the area, availability of health & emergency services, costs, treasure hunts and more). This guide can be downloaded for free by anyone planning to explore this same route independently.

How can you contribute to the Tribe?

The first thing you want to do, is subscribe, it is free of cost and that way you will officially become a Tribe member. You will receive information about upcoming routes and events, occasional discounts from our sponsors, as well as newsletters and notifications about cycling news and the guides for already existing routes.

All our expeditions are partially financed by our official sponsors, but if you want to contribute directly to the Tribe, we have always a patron campaign focused on our upcoming routes. By donating you can help us make this expeditions + films + guides happen, and reach further adventures.