About Us

Tribecycle Guide was born with the idea of bringing independent Bike Touring and Bikepacking closer to everyone in the search of adventure. We believe that bike travel generally speaking, can help us achieve a better world. It can be a sustainable and affordable way of exploring planet earth, and it has the potential of developing responsible tourism and help the local economy of areas conventional travelers won’t normally reach. It also brings people and cultures closer together, since it gives the cyclist a completely different perspective of the places she or he is visiting. The interactions with people and their costumes are a lot more authentic. The bike traveler becomes after each expedition, a person who understands better the world, a better person.

Who is Tribecycle Guide?

We are an international cycling community, a Tribe of hunters and gatherers on two wheels. Each one of our Tribe members can contribute in their own way, either by helping out with specific routes, donating to our crowdfunding campaigns, or giving away advice to other Tribe members regarding routes or general bike travel tricks and hacks. If it’s your first time around here, you can contribute heaps by subscribing and making our community grow bigger and stronger.

Tribecycle Guide was born with the idea of bringing independent Bike Touring and Bikepacking closer to everyone in the search of adventure

Why is becoming part of the Tribe a great idea?


It’s free


You can be part of a growing community of international bike travelers.


You can have first hand access to digital guides from amazing routes around the world.


You would have the chance to be part of the first expeditions or design them yourself.


You would have access to our newsletters with route updates and relevant information about the Bike travel world.


You can get discount from our sponsors.

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